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Sample policy documents for AICD and Pacemakers

  • AICD/Pacemaker Interruptions with a Magnet during Colonoscopy Procedures [PDF]
  • Toll free numbers for devices [PDF]
  • Organizational Policy Sample - Magnet Use During Procedures that Utilize Electrocautery (ICD and Pacemaker Interruptions) [PDF]
  • Device interrogation form sample [PDF]


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Free Conference Certificate Policy [PDF] (posted 5-Nov-13)

Documents Policy [DOC] Vested Interest Policy [DOC] Whistleblower Policy [DOC] (posted summer 2011)

Guidelines for Reimbursement [DOC] [PDF] (posted 12-Apr-09)

Travel Voucher [DOC] [PDF] (posted 12-Apr-09)

House of Delegates Final Resolutions - 2006 [DOC]



2014 Spring Education Conference

Wava Truscott PhD. (
Director Medical Sciences & Clinical Education, Kimberly-Clark

  • Clostridium difficile 2014 [PDF] **NEW
  • Have Bug Will Travel [PDF] **NEW



Article: Prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis: a comprehensive review [PDF]

Article: A simple way of avoiding post-ERCP pancreatitis [PDF]

Article: ERCP cannulation: a review of reported techniques [PDF]



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